The Governing Body of Stoke Newington School is committed to encouraging the best possible environmental practices in order to control and reduce the school’s direct impact on the environment.

In order to do this we will:

  • Consider the environmental impact of activities and the carbon footprint they create, and use these considerations to inform decisions on school purchasing and activities.
  • Follow the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle as far as is practically possible.
  • Ensure that environmental concerns and considerations are taught across the curriculum in order to more widely promote sustainable practices and awareness amongst students and their families.
  • Follow a school travel plan that encourages and promotes sustainable travel, using the STARS accreditation scheme (currently level Silver).


Our environmental policy exists in order to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, to increase awareness of environmental issues across the school and to provide clarity to all members of the school community about their responsibilities with regard to sustainability. It further exists in order to encourage frequent review of practices and continual improvement. You can view the full environmental policy here.