Role: Parent Governor

Committee: Resources

Term of office: 01/06/18 – 31/05/2022

Louise James is a parent of two children in Year 12 and Year 8 and was elected as a parent governor in 2018 after leading a campaign against cuts in the school and was subsequently elected as governor on an anti-cuts programme.

Of the pandemic she says:

"The work the staff in this school have done throughout the pandemic to continue engaging with our children has been amazing and along with the regular communication with parents has I believe brought us closer together as a community.
Coming out of the pandemic we need each other more than ever. This government will now try and make us pay for the pandemic. This school must not be made to bear the brunt of any costs incurred arising out of the pandemic. This school community must also oppose any pay freeze (cut) for any member of the staff that works at the school.
The recovery out of the pandemic has to include a change for the better, we have to see an end to austerity cuts and look now to improve the education offered to each and every child. The first step in that direction which I will be supporting is a laptop for every child with access to wifi so building on the skills that they picked up during the pandemic."