Our usual clubs are currently on hold whilst students are home learning. You can view our online enrichment offer here.

See our clubs timetable here: Morning, lunch, music and afterschool clubs

Our clubs and activities programme for students splits into two main sections.

1 - Study support

The first is concerned with study support and this includes a range of lunchtime and afterschool clubs as well as additional revision classes in the run up to the exam season and holiday revision programme that runs in February and at Easter.

2 - Arts & leisure

The second strand to our programme covers ‘arts and leisure’. These are the clubs which students can opt in to learn new skills, try something different or further a love of a particular activity.

There are a large number of sporting activities that help our students keep fit and healthy, encourage teamwork and enable them to channel their energy in safe and supportive environments. With our brand new Compact Athletics Facility we run two athletic sessions for students of all years.

Who runs the clubs?

Many of these clubs are run by our own staff members but we also employ specialist tutors who are DBS (previously named CRB) checked and come highly recommended to the school. Clubs such as iCAN, percussion based performance group are led by tutors from Guildhall School of Music & Drama in a project that is organised by the Barbican and provides a large number of opportunities to perform at festivals and at the Barbican.

The main programme is published annually in September and launched at a clubs fair where students and parents and carers are invited to come in and see for themselves what is on offer. The programme varies termly as we add new activities throughout the year.

How much do clubs cost and how do I get involved?

For most clubs a charge of £35 per term per club but for those families in receipt of free school meals or sports clubs there is no charge.

Clubs generally run from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm, depending on the activity and can go on until 6pm.

A programme of activities for families and the wider community can be found here.

For more information about the programme please contact the extended services team on: extendedservices@sns.hackney.sch.uk