The course is broken down into 4 coursework units and 1 controlled assessment: there are no exams:

  • Coursework: 3D Modelling
  • Coursework: 3D Environment and Level Design
  • Coursework: 3D Animation
  • Coursework: Digital Games Design
  • Controlled assessment: Digital Media Skills

The coursework units are each worth 16% of the course (two thirds); the controlled assessment is worth 34% (one third).


There are a range of enrichment opportunities available in Sixth Form, including a bi-annual residential visit to Berlin (which houses the Museum of Computer Games, amongst other media venues).

Closer to home, there are Game Jams and Competitions and opportunities with one of our industry links at Eastside London.

Career pathways

This course feeds into a range of opportunities post-18, including degree courses and apprenticeships in Games Design (artistic) and Games Development (scientific). The course also teaches the skills needed to become a freelancer in 3D modelling, environment design, animation and games design.

For more information on pathways in the creative industries, see: