Thank you to all involved in the Stoke Newington 35th anniversary gala last week. It was a special occasion for the school. Photos can be viewed here.

I am very pleased to confirm that the raffle and auction raised £7,000 for the Safaplace fund. We are delighted to be further supporting this significant work on positive mental health for our young people.

A particular thank you to staff and parents involved in organising the gala and the raffle/auction. There are some unclaimed prizes and these belong to the raffle numbers below. Please do claim your prize by Friday 23rd March via Reception.

We are keen to build on the good will, community spirit and enthusiasm generated by this event – please do look out for further news about future events.

Annie Gammon Headteacher

Blue 128

Pink 343

Yellow 198

Yellow 143

Pink 88

Yellow 598