Dear parents/carers,

Happy New Year. I hope you had an excellent festive break during the Christmas holiday time.

We have been very pleased to welcome your child/children back to school. I look forward to their continued efforts during 2018.

We look forward to you being involved in at least some of the parents’ forums, parents’ evenings, parents’ support evenings and PTA meetings this term. The dates are listed below.

I also want to give some reminders about wellbeing and safety for our students.

  • I am pleased to say that the Headspace fund, which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing, is well on its way to becoming a charity. The Headspace name is already in use so we are aiming to have the new charity called “Safaspace” (Safa is an Arabic word which broadly means serenity). You will receive a bulletin later this month about the many positive activities funded by the money raised.
  • Our work on wellbeing continues with students and staff being trained on positive mental health, and on what to do if they have concerns. I would like to remind you that if your child would like to find someone to talk to in school, they just need to see one of the pastoral counsellors (names are around school), put their name in one of the red boxes, talk to their form tutor or report a concern via the Sharpsystem on line.
  • We do have some concerns about safety for some students. Risks can occur through students’ own behaviour (e.g. staying up late, choosing to be involved in unsafe activity) and through external risks (e.g. interactions with strangers). The PTA are taking forward some work about drawing up some general advice about suitable boundaries for teenagers: do come to a meeting on 6th February if you want to be involved in drawing this up.
  • In the light of increased concerns about drugs in London we are going to increase the number of bag searches for our students. Please do note that our behaviour policy has been updated to reflect our strict stance on involvement with drugs.
  • Students need to continue to behave safely and considerately on the way home. We are introducing some changes to the exit to school. We will inform students of these. This may affect waiting spaces if you collect your child by car.
  • You will be well aware of concerns re knife crime in our area. As part of our work on increasing the safety of our students we are taking part in a project on contextual safeguarding – that is about how we educate our students re safety with regard to particular local risks. We will be asking Year 8 and 10 parents to take part in a survey about this.

Do look out for more information about the above via the website or via letters/emails for your child’s year group.

Thank you for your continued support for our school and for your child with their education.

Best wishes,

Annie Gammon

Dates for Spring term 2018:

Wed 24th January – Year 11 support evening 6pm

Wednesday 31st January – Year 9 parents’ evening 5pm-7.30pm

Thursday 1st February – late start at 9.40am

Wednesday 7th February – Year 10 support evening 6pm

12 Feb - 16 Feb – Half term

Thursday 22nd Feb – Year 12 parents’ evening 5pm-7.30pm

Friday 23rd Feb - late start at 9.40am

Tuesday 27th Feb – Parents’ Forum 7pm

Monday 5th March – Year 8 Options’ evening – more details to follow

Friday 9th March – SNS 35th Anniversary Gala

Monday 19th March – Year 8 Parents’ evening 5pm-7.30pm

Tuesday 20th March - late start at 9.40am

Wednesday 21st March – Parents’ advice session – supporting your child – more details to follow

Thursday 29th March – last day of Spring term – finishes 3.10pm for Yr 7-11; 4.10pm for Yr 12-13

Monday 16th April – first day of Summer term – school starts 8.40am.