A) Term begins on Wednesday 6th September for Year 7 to 13.Students in Year 7-11 must wear full school uniform.

Timings are staggered and allow for students to have an assembly, induction time with their tutors and to collect their timetables. Students must be punctual and arrive at least 5 minutes before the start times here.

Year group


Timing of first day

7 in Sports Hall


10am-2.20pm: Lunch will be provided for the students



8.30am – 11.15am



9.10am- 11.55am



10.10am- 12.40pm






11.10am-2.30pm: Lunch will be provided



1pm - 3.30pm

Thursday 7th September will be a normal school day for all students from 8.40am to 3.10pm (4.10pm for students with Lesson 6) following this start.

B) Please do note the following important dates during the holidays.

Thursday 17th August – Year 12 and 13 AS and A2 results Time: 9am.

Please note any students in Year 13 whose results may mean urgent communication with University Clearing is needed, will be contacted to come in early.

Thursday 24th August – Year 11 GCSE results Time: 10am

- Year 10 GCSE results Time: 12 noon

Fri 25th August, Tuesday 29th August and Wednesday 30th August – Year 12 enrolment interviews Times: 9.30am-3.30pm

Equipment – pencil cases and school bags – Year 7-11

We expect all students to take a pride in all their written work. It is now a requirement that students have, at all times, a rucksack style bag of a suitable size (which can carry several A4 folders) and a pencil case with a ruler, rubber, pencil, pencil sharpener, at least 2 black pens, a green pen, a glue stick and a calculator. Clear pencil cases are compulsory in Year 10 and 11. All these items are available from WH Smiths and other shops which sell stationery.

Students who are entitled to Free School Meals, or who are on our Pupil Premium register, may collect a pencil case with pens etc. free of charge from Reception. This can be done from 29th August 2017.