Friends of SNS organises social evenings, quiz nights, headteacher’s question time and discussions on how students are taught, homework, sports, bullying and other issues of concern to parents and carers. It also raises funds – and decides how this money is allocated to support students’ education and cultural enrichment.

Friends of SNS also gives you a chance to meet and socialise with other parents and carers and talk to staff in an informal setting. It offers a way for parents, carers and staff to have fun together and contribute to the school community. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to know more or get involved in our activities, you can email Ann Hepburn at:

If you'd like to donate - either as a one-off payment or on a monthly basis - you can do so at ParentPay. Just click on ‘pay for other items’ and you’ll find the our section in there.

We'd love to see you there, email Ann for more information!