Following a parents evening, the school operates a late start of either 09.35am or 10.55am.

When we have a late start of 09.35am, students will follow a compressed timetable so lessons are not disrupted. This compressed timetable is outlined below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 122710png

When we have a late start of 10.55, students will attend registration first and then normal lesson timings will resume from 11.15 (P3).

Details of which late start we will follow will be communicated home and published on the school website in advance.

There are two reasons why we have late starts following a parents’ evening. The first reason is to do with the health and wellbeing of our teaching staff. Teaching is a high-energy job. Lessons require time to plan and prepare. When colleagues have been working at a parents’ evening until 7.30pm they benefit from a later start the next day so that they can recover and so that they have the time for planning and preparation which would normally have been done the previous early evening.

The second reason is to do with ensuring we have regular time to evaluate books and students’ work. Every late start involves a meeting for all teachers from 8.30am to 9.30am where they standardise students’ work to ensure that the same standards are applied across each subject, and where students’ books and folders are evaluated to ensure that marking is carried out to school standards. We have found that these regular sessions very helpful in increasing consistency and quality in terms of marking.

We hope this is helpful in ensuring you understand the importance of late starts.

If you have any difficulties with childcare or supervision on our late start mornings, the library is always open, and staffed, so that children can quietly settle and read. If you would like us to check your child has arrived early to use the library please contact Linda Perkola in reception: