Student homework schedule for summer term 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Here are the summer term homework schedules for students as we continue home learning going into the summer term. Please take the time to read the below documents, they contain vital information.

Below, you will find our homework schedule principles, which offer guidelines as to how the schedule should be approached. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your student's subject teacher.


  1. Work will support each subject's curriculum overview published on the Stoke Newington School website.
  2. The expectation is that students spend a maximum of 4 hours a day on school work.
  3. Description of work set on Satchel One (previously Show My Homework) will be clear so that parents and carers can support if required.
  4. The title of the work set will always include the name of the subject setting the work.
  5. Work will only be posted only on the stated day to keep it manageable for students, parents and carers.
  6. Work will be shared only via Satchel One (previously Show My Homework).
  7. Updated support and guidance materials are available to parents and carers here.
  8. If required, Satchel One (previously Show My Homework) notifications can be disabled by parents and carers within their own settings - click here to find out how.
  9. BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy online learning both offer excellent additional resources.

Satchel One (previously Show My Homework)

Satchel One (previously Show My Homework) is our main communication platform for the setting of work. Work will be set for all subjects and it is advisable as much as possible to follow your child’s school timetable. Your child may have work set by another teacher; however, they should submit the work to their own class teacher. Some tasks can be self-checked; in other cases, students will be asked to send their work back to their teacher, also through Satchel One (previously Show My Homework). In some year groups, it may be possible to continue with the planned scheme of work in the normal way, elsewhere different tasks, which are more appropriate for remote working, will be selected. Sixth Form teaching will also incorporate Microsoft Teams.

Departments have made different decisions about the type of work to be completed, so you and your child will notice variations in approach across different subjects. Each Head of Faculty and Head of Department has made careful and considerate decisions and will be checking and monitoring how the process works. We may make adjustments along the way. We thank you for your understanding as we work out the best approach for the students’ benefit.

SMH-Logo-for-online-resources.jpg Click on the icon to head to Satchel One (previously Show My Homework)

Here you will find the curriculum plans for Years 7-13 in each subject. The specific work set will be available on Satchel One (previously Show My Homework).

Core subjects




Non-core subjects


Computer science


Design technology


Economics (A level)



Arts and crafts



Hospitality and catering






Politics (A level)


Psychology (A level)

Religious studies

Resistant materials

Sociology (A level)