At Stoke Newington School, we pride ourselves on offering a broad and inclusive curriculum which is tailored to a variety of needs and outcomes. The main aim of ASDAN PDP is to provide a relevant and motivating course to achieve meaningful learning outcomes, which elevate students to go on to further education, training, work, and empower them to take control of their lives. ASDAN PDP will allow the student to develop and recognise a range of skills that will be invaluable when they start living independent lives.

ASDAN PDP is centered on portfolio-based evidence rather than examinations which are flexible in nature whilst maintaining standards. It aims to give students a qualification that builds on success, enabling students to achieve and feel a sense of accomplishment. The modules covered on the course are Communication; My community; Sport and leisure; Independent Living; My environment; Number handling; Health and wellbeing; World of work; Science and technology; The wider world; Expressive arts; Beliefs and values; and Combined studies. Throughout each module there are key skills that weave throughout at an appropriate level: Teamwork, Ability to Learn, Problem Solving, Numeracy, Literacy, and ICT skills.

Six key requirements

Learners must present a portfolio to demonstrate evidence of their achievements, containing:

  1. A completed PDP student book
  2. Supporting evidence for each challenge
  3. The correct number and type of skills sheets
  4. Skills self-assessment and self-reflection
  5. Personal review
  6. Record of progress and tutor record.