Stoke Newington School, our community comprehensive school, has again improved GCSE results this year, with the number of students getting five A* to C grades including English and maths rising by 12% over the last two years to 69% (national rates appear to be stable in the same period).

All told, just over 70% percent of students gained both English and Maths GCSEs this year. The 5 A*-C including Maths and English outcomes will be at least 10% above last year’s national average.

More than 75% of students gained A* to C grades in each of the core subjects of Maths and English – a rise on last year’s figures. The school’s creative subjects continue to excel with outstanding results in Art, Drama, Media, Music and Photography. 39% of our students achieved the English Baccalaureate – up from last year and well above the 24% national figure from last year. English Baccalaureate subjects performed very strongly with Science, History and Spanish gaining A’s and A*’s at significantly above the national rate.

The new measures introduced by the government also indicate excellent progress by our students with the new Progress 8 measure predicted to be highly positive at 0.47.

This increase in GCSE grades was predicted. Headteacher Annie Gammon said: “We are very proud of our Year 11 students – every one of them. We know that they are ambitious for their achievements, they worked hard and have been well prepared and supported by our teachers. We continue to have excellent results in our creative subjects as well as students achieving well in the fundamentals of Maths and English.”

Crispin Truman, Chair of Governors, said that “We are very pleased that students at our inclusive school are doing so well. We continue to achieve results which are well above national averages. We are particularly proud of our value added – which again looks to put us in the top 10% – almost all our pupils make strong progress.”

The GCSE results follow hard on the heels of outstanding A level achievements for the sixth year running. Stoke Newington’s sixth form is again expected to be placed in the top 10% of all sixth forms.

Some outstanding results at GCSE level include:

Lisa Sam-Attafuah – 11 A’s and A*’s including 9A*’s

Miranda Stocker - 11 A’s and A*’s including 5A*’s

Martha Cruz - 10 A*’s

Benjamin Lee - 10 A’s and A*’s including 6A*’s

Malaika Green-Okotoba - 10 A’s and A*’s including 3A*’s

Jacob Knapper – 10 A’s and A*’s including 2A*’s

Georgia Morgan-Turner - 10 A’s and A*’s including 8A*’s

Josephine Quarmby-Tindale - 10 A’s and A*’s including 7A*’s

Mashfia Sharif - 10 A’s and A*’s including 8A*’s

Poppy Tollemache -10 A’s and A*’s including 5A*’s

Isaac Costley - 10 A’s and A*’s including 4A*’s

Martha Clements - 10 A’s and A*’s including 8A*’s

Ruby Brooker - 10 A’s and A*’s including 8A*’s

Oben Atamturk - 10 A’s and A*’s including 3A*’s

Molly Jones – 9 A*’s and a B

Anthony Digaetano – 6 A*’s, 2A’s and a B

Emma Knight – 5 A*’s, 4A’s and a B

Ellen Morris – 6 A*’s, 3 A’s and a B

Scarlett Russell – 6 A*’s, 3 A’s and a B

Katie Wilkinson – 8 A*’s and 2 B’s

William Smith - 5 A*’s, 4A’s and a B