The school agrees to:

  • Have the highest expectations of academic progress of our students
  • Provide a learning environment that is engaging, safe and caring
  • Ensure that each student has the opportunities, support and guidance to achieve his/her full potential
  • Report regularly on each student’s progress
  • Expect high standards, set clear rules underpinned by our core values of Compassion, Ambition, Resilience and Excellence (CARE)
  • Keep parents informed about school matters, be welcoming to enquiries and responsive to concerns
  • Record, reward and celebrate good progress and performance
  • Offer extra-curricular activities that will develop broader skills to develop creativity, prepare for life and the world of work

Parents/carers agree to:

  • Make sure my/our child attends school every day in correct uniform, arrives on time (8.35am) and is properly equipped for school
  • Encourage my/our child to follow the Stoke Newington School Behaviour Policy and work respectfully with all staff
  • Support my/our child in homework by checking Show My Homework and signing the planner each week
  • Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my/our child’s progress
  • Be aware of appropriate safe and healthy boundaries for my/our child
  • Agree to the detention policy of the School
  • Make sure that time is not taken out of school unless it is urgent
  • Encourage my/our child to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school
  • Allow my/our child to attend off-site visits

Students agree to:

  • Be an ambassador for Stoke Newington School and be proud of my school
  • Work hard in class and at home, so that I can achieve my full potential by always giving my best
  • Treat others as I would wish to be treated
  • Attend school every day in correct uniform, be on time (8.35am) and be properly equipped
  • Follow the School rules, behave responsibly and be polite to others in School and in the wider and online community
  • Use my planner to organise my homework and record my achievements
  • Complete homework on time
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities offered by the school
  • Care for the environment – in and out of school
  • Attend detentions