The school agrees to:

  • ensure all students have access to a wide and varied curriculum

  • provide high quality teaching in all subjects, including support where necessary
  • provide information for parents and students on what is being taught

  • provide regular information on the progress of all students
  • contact parents if there are concerns

  • contact parents to praise students when they are doing well
  • set and mark homework on a regular basis

Parents/carers agree to:

  • ensure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, aiming for full attendance and 100% punctuality
  • contact the school by 8.30am to report your child’s absence
  • arrange all medical appointments outside the school day
  • ensure your child wears the correct school uniform at all times
  • encourage your child to follow the student code*
  • support your child’s learning at home by ensuring s/he completes all homework and reads for 30 minutes every day
  • check progress and homework by reading and signing your child’s planner every week
  • support the school’s policy on rewards and sanctions
  • attend parents evenings and other meetings with teachers when requested

Students agree to:

  • come to school every day at 8.30am

  • whilst in school wear the correct school uniform at all times
follow the student code*
be polite and behave respectfully towards all members of the school community
  • always bring the right equipment to school, in a school bag
work hard in all lessons
complete all homework and coursework to the best possible level you can
  • behave impeccably outside school and on the way home
  • attend additional lessons if required

*The student code will be published in your child’s planner