We are excited to announce that Stoke Newington School has signed up to the Wellbeing Award for Schools, administered by Award Place, in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau. For full details of the award, please click here.

Mental Health and Wellbeing are increasingly a central consideration within the school and within the wider community. We have a number of different processes to help students who feel that they may need to talk to someone about their mental health or get the support for someone they are concerned about.

  • Online reporting - an online tool for reporting young people at risk
  • Red Boxes in school - students can post a note with concerns about another student or themselves. These are emptied daily and any information inside is followed up by one of the school child protection team.
  • Students can self-refer to one of the school pastoral counsellors, Jo Mahoney, Lorna DeLa Para Thomas and Julia Kent
  • Students can also approach any member of staff that they feel confident with, their Form Tutor or a class teacher with any concerns. All staff have been trained in what to do should a student approach them with concerns about their mental health or that of a friend.

As a school we take all aspects of a young person’s wellbeing seriously but we are first and foremost a school so as well as contacting us to let us know your concerns we strongly recommend that you contact your GP to discuss any concerns that you may have about your young person.

We place great emphasis on the welfare of our school community and provide support, information and guidance to help everyone at our school feel happy. We also celebrate the diverse and inclusive nature of our school community and recognise the faiths, beliefs and needs held by all.

Please see below for mental health & wellbeing information, signposting to local services and advice for parents.