Creative Days at SNS are an opportunity for students to experience extra-curricular activities and learning whilst off-timetable. These drop-down days replace structured classroom lessons and provide activities which are intended to strengthen students’ practical application of skills and provide a deeper learning experience, promoting creativity, well-being, enterprise and innovation.

Creative Days support students by:

  • Linking their learning to the wider world, developing a love and respect for the different cultures and world they live in.
  • Encouraging them to be investigative and independent learners.
  • Providing workshops that acquire the soft skills needed in life after school.

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Previous years Creative Days have included:

  • Trips to cultural venues across London including the Hayward Gallery and Tate Britain.
  • Workshops from the National Centre for Circus Arts.
  • PSHE Workshops on healthy relationships.
  • Wellbeing workshops on coping with exam stress, improving student wellbeing and living independently.
  • Work experience workshops led by Inspire, including how to gain self confidence and how to promote yourself in an interview.

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