Monday 26th April 2021

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope you have all managed to enjoy the sun this weekend.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Last week we carried out a lateral flow test for all students and I am pleased to confirm there were no positive results. Given this, we must still adhere to our safety protocols to ensure we all play a part in keeping the community safe and do all that we can to stop the spread of the virus.

It is vital that staff and students continue to test twice weekly to identify asymptomatic cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) and prevent the spread of the virus.

Students should continue to conduct lateral flow testing on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. As always, if your child’s test has a positive result, please email as soon as possible.

Tests must be registered online, even if the result is negative. This is to ensure that correct data is being recorded, shaping the steps for safety protocol decisions, both in the SNS community, and nationally.

A reminder that test kits are available for households, please follow this link for more information and to order.

Thank you for your support in keeping the SNS community as safe as possible.

Behaviour Expectations

We have had recent reports from members in the community of anti-social behaviour. I would like to take this opportunity to reminder all our young people that they must always act as the best of ambassadors for the school and their families. Please find below the extract from our Behaviour and Relationships Policy:

Students are expected to behave in a positive manner at all times:

  • Be respectful, show kindness and work co-operatively with others.
  • Be ready to learn and give their best to achieve excellence.
  • Be responsible for their own learning and behaviour.
  • Respect the learning of others.
  • Be prepared for learning with the correct uniform and equipment.
  • Attend school every day, on time.
  • Behave impeccably outside of lessons.
  • Behave in a highly positive and considerate manner in the local community and give a positive representation of the school at all times.

Behaviour that falls short of this will be followed up and sanctioned as deemed appropriate.

It is important students take main roads where possible on their way to and from school. The school has a no mobile phone policy. Any mobile phone that is seen or heard will be confiscated.

The banning of phones prevents our young people from being victims of crime and there is much to be said for our young people developing a healthy approach to the use of technology. There are student phones available in the school reception where calls may be made by our students. If your son/daughter requires their phone for medical reasons, please request permission by writing to the relevant Head of School. If permission is granted, then the phone must be handed in and collected from Reception.

They are to go straight home after school and to be considerate to fellow road users. Students are not permitted to purchase food from the take-away shops on the junction of Albion Road and Clissold Road. Please remind your son/daughter of this key expectation.

Curriculum Plans and School Day 2021-2022

Last week, we held a forum to present our curriculum plans for the new era, together with the new timetable of the school day, starting in September 2021. Thank you to parents/carers who were in attendance for your valuable contributions. You can find a recording to the forum in the Year Group Forum folder. We welcome your feedback on the plans, so please email by Friday 30 April 2021.

Centre Assessed Grades Assessment Timetables

Timetables for the Year 11 and 13 Centre Assessed Grades assessments were sent on Friday 23 April, with the first assessments starting today. Please ensure you go through the assessment timetable with your child to ensure they are prepared and equipped in good time.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse in Schools Parents Forum Wednesday 5 May, 5.30-6.30pm

On Wednesday 5 May our Safer Schools Team, Acting Sergeant Hayley Keyes and PC James Ridout will lead a parents’ forum session as part of our whole school drive to prevent harmful behaviour. You can find a link to the meeting here.

Parent/Carer Forums and Key Dates

Please see below parent/carer Forums for this half term. These, along with other key dates, can also be found on the school website here.

Year Group

Forum 1

Forum 2

Year 7

Wednesday 5 May 11.30am

Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday 19 May 11.30am

Click here to join the meeting

Year 8

Tuesday 4 May 10am

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Tuesday 18 May 10am

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Year 9

Monday 10 May 1.30pm

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Monday 24th May 10am

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Year 10

Monday 10 May 10.15am

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Monday 24 May 10.15am

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Year 11

Tuesday 27 April 2pm

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Tuesday 11 May 2pm

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Year 12

Monday 10 May 9am

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Monday 24 May 9am

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Year 13

Wednesday 5 May 12.30pm

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Wednesday 19 May 12.30pm

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I hope you all have a wonderful productive week ahead.

With all good wishes,

Zehra Jaffer