Friday 9th February 2024

Dear Parents/Carers,

Week 20 - Headteacher’s Letter

Last Friday, Year 11 History students travelled to Belgium and despite the cold and blustery weather, the trip was a great success. Students fully engaged throughout the day, participating in a guided tour of Ypres, including a visit to the preserved trench systems, visited museums and paid their respects to those who died at Tyne Cot Cemetery, all in readiness for their GCSE exams.

For today’s Creative Day, students in Years 7 and 9 embarked on cultural adventure trips, exploring iconic landmarks like The Tower of London and Kew Gardens. Meanwhile, Year 8 students engaged in insightful discussions with professionals, delving into various career options tied to their GCSE choices.

Year 10 dedicated their time to preparing for upcoming work experiences, focusing on understanding the significance of these opportunities for their future career aspirations. In parallel, Year 11 students eagerly participated in tailored workshops led by industry professionals spanning fields such as law, entertainment, journalism, and finance.

Year 12 students honed their skills in crafting compelling CVs and navigating the UCAS application process through structured activities, such as Q&A sessions from those attending London Universities. For Year 13, the day culminated in an empowering workshop designed to equip them with essential tools for transitioning to the next phase of their lives. Focused on communication skills, identifying personal qualities valued by employers, and cultivating habits for success, the workshop aimed to bolster their confidence and readiness for Higher Education or entering the workforce.

This packed day gives our students a brilliant opportunity to take part on activities beyond the curriculum, bringing their learning to life.

Year 11 Half-Term Intervention

Year 11 half-term intervention sessions will commence from Monday 12th February 2024. If your child has been selected for an intervention, please can you support with ensuring they attend. The half-term intervention timetable can be found using this link.

Free School Meal Vouchers

All parent/carers eligible for free school meals will receive their free school meal voucher by Monday 12th February. If you do not receive your voucher or need further advice or support, please email Mr Lenny Labiche, Operations Manager, via

Accessing Support During the Holiday

We understand that breaks during the school year can be difficult for some students and their parents/carers. Various organisations provide free information, resources and activities for young people and their families. Please use this link for further information and how to access resources.

Introducing the SNS Food Bank

We understand the challenges that many families are facing due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. As a school community, we are committed to supporting our students and their families during these difficult times.

In light of the increased financial strain, we have taken the initiative to establish a school food bank. This initiative aims to provide essential items to support those who may be experiencing hardships. Our primary focus is to ensure that no child within our school community goes to bed hungry or lacks access to essential items.

The food bank will be stocked with non-perishable items, such as canned goods, pasta, rice, and other essential staples. Further information in how to donate to the food bank and receive any support will be communicated shortly.

SNS Dealing with Exam Stress Online Workshop for Year 11 and Sixth Form Parent/Carers

As we steadily approach exam season, we will be holding online workshops for parent/carers of Year 11 and Sixth Form students, designed to help you support your child. Workshops will be taking place on Tuesday 5th March for Year 11 parent/carers and Tuesday 12th March for Sixth Form parent/carers. To sign up for the Year 11 session use this link, and to sign up for the Sixth Form Session use this link. A flyer is attached with further information, please note spaces are limited.

Key Year 13 Parent/Carer Events

Parent/Carer Virtual Forum – Wednesday 13th March 2024 6.00pm – 6.45pm

  • The virtual forum for parent/carers will be taking place through Microsoft Teams. Information shared in the forum will include a focus on UCAS choices, what they mean and how to make them. We will also be talking about what happens if students have not received any offers, if they have changed their minds about courses, and what happens on Results Day and clearing. A joining link will be sent to parent/carers separately.

Year 13 Mock Exams

  • Year 13 mock exams will begin on Monday 18th March, and likely to end on Wednesday 27th March. Teachers will make students aware which papers they will be sitting, and we advise that revision should start over the half term break if it has not started already.

Year 8 Parent/Carer Events

Parent/Carer Virtual Forum – Wednesday 21st February 2024 5.30pm – 6.30pm

  • The virtual forum for parent/carers will be taking place through Microsoft Teams. Information shared in the forum will include progress of learning, Class Charts reminders, the GCSE option process and details on the Manor Adventure trip scheduled later this year. A joining link will be sent to parent/carers separately.

Options Evening – Wednesday 28th February 2024 5.30pm – 6.30pm

  • The GCSE Options Information Evening will be taking place on site on Wednesday 28th February from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, with three time slots available. This will provide an opportunity to meet representatives from each of our option subjects so you and your child can gain a better understanding about the course and steps into further education. You can book your session using this link.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 6th March 2024 4.00pm – 6.30pm

  • Parents’ evenings will take place on site with parent/carers booking their slots with teachers online. Further information, including the link to book appointments with your child’s teachers will be sent shortly. If you are having any difficulties in doing so, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance.

Sixth Form Music Concert – Thursday 29th February 2024 7.00pm

We are excited to announce our annual Sixth Form Concert, doors opening at 6.30pm on Thursday 29th February. The concert will take place in the Old Church (across the road from Stoke Newington School). Come along for a lovely evening of musical performances from our talented Sixth Form students. No tickets are required for entry and seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be refreshments and sweet treats provided! Any questions, feel free to contact the Ms Amy Foden, Head of Music via

Language Diversity Survey

Thank you to all parents and students who took part in a survey organised this week. Dr Sophie Liggins who run the survey very much enjoyed her experience in Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form and this is what she said:

"Thank you for participating in the recent Language Diversity in London Schools survey in collaboration with the University of Essex. Students form all year groups were kind enough to participate in the research and engage with the survey which explores language use of students in London. Students were an absolute delight to work with and I really enjoyed the engaging conversations about language and linguistics research that we had. Thank you also to Mrs Komisarek El-Mahmoud for organising it so well!"

SNS Language of the Month - British Sign Language

Students in 7K have selected this months language, British Sign Language. All suggestions to promote the language are welcome and should be emailed to and or given to your child’s form tutor. This is not limited to British Sign Language speakers only.

Astro Turf Timetable

Please see below timetable for Astro Turf use upon return after half-term. A reminder that all students must wear moulded studded boots when using the Astroturf to protect the surface. This does not include metal studs or astroturf boots. Please remind your child that girls are welcome to join their own year groups on specified days, but there will be a dedicated half pitch for use every Wednesday.

  • Monday – Year 7 and 11 Students
  • Tuesday – Year 7 and 10 Students
  • Wednesday - Year 9 Students and All girls
  • Thursday - Year 8 and 10 Students
  • Friday – Year 8 and 9 students

Key dates, Cultural Events and Opportunities in the Community

Please see a link to our key dates here for this term on our school calendar that include Information Evenings, Forums, and Parents’ Evenings.

You can also find local cultural events taking place this month using this link as well as opportunities in the community that your child may want to sign up to using this link.

As we start half-term, our Thought of the Day by students from 10O was an excellent reminder of what we can achieve when we truly believe in ourselves, by Napoleon Hill, an American Author.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Thank you to our students, parent/carers and staff for your contribution and hard work this half-term. Wishing you a restful week, connecting with family and friends.

With best wishes,

Zehra Jaffer