Everything around us has been designed, then manufactured, transported and sold. Design and Technology: Product Design will give an understanding of where all these products come from, how there made and why they exist. Environmental issues, cultural issues and moral issues. Learning how to do technical drawing and how to work with a wide range of tools, machines and materials. Most importantly the subject will allow each student to be creative and to enjoy discovering design and making opportunities.

STEM-6 Design Tech

Resistant materials at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students will be taught how to use workshop tools and machines confidently and safely. They will also learn about the design process, design influences and use of materials. We challenge our students to problem solve and most importantly consider the environmental impact of every product from “cradle to grave”.

Year 7 curriculum map - Each term students study a different DT subject.

Year 8 curriculum map - During the academic year, students study a range of DT subjects on an 8-week rotation.

Design and Technology: Product Design - KS3 Assessment Grids

Resistant materials at Key Stage 4

Students will take forward their knowledge and skill base from KS3 and develop these areas further. Students will study the AQA Design and Technology course, this will comprise of an exam and a non-exam assessment each worth 50% of the total grade. They will produce a portfolio of design work and made outcomes. The product will be based on a task which allows for the creative irritative designing and making skills along with valuable research, analytical and evaluative skills. For the exam students will learn about a wide range of technological concepts, drawing skills and will have to be able to answer contextual maths problems.

Year 9 curriculum map | Year 10 curriculum map | Year 11 curriculum map



There are trips to the design museum and to the science museum and will as problem-solving and design tasks on creative days. After-school projects based around competitions and cross-curricular activities.

Career and future pathways

Product Designer, Architect, Engineer, Set Designer, Carpenter, Joiner, Builder


Revision Guides:

  • Collins AQA GCSE 9-1, All – in – one Revision Guide and Practice book, ISBN: 978-0-00-822740-1
  • CGP GCSE AQA, Design & Technology – For the Grade 9-1 Course, The Revision Guide, ISBN: 978-1-782-78294-752-3
  • CGP Grade 9-1 Design & Technology AQA Complete Revision & Practice, ISBN: 9781782947554

Question cards:

  • CGP GCSE Design & Technology AQA Revision Question Cards, ISBN: 9781789084115

Practice Exam Questions & Answer Book

  • CGP Grade 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology AQA Exam Practice Workbook, ISBN: 9781782947530
  • Grade 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology AQA Answers (for Exam Practice Workbook), ISBN: 9781782947547
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  • GCSE Design & Technology AQA: Revision Essentials Bundle, Product code: TACUB41
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